How To Decide Which Products To Sell In Your New Internet Business

You have now taken the decision to start your own on-line marketing business and create that Laptop Millionaire lifestyle you have already dreamed about. E-commerce sites are a popular and great way to make money on the internet today but selecting the right product or service to sell is crucial to your success.

You have already have your own product or service idea

Maybe you have thought of a product or service that you could sell. But how do you know if anyone will want to buy that product or service?

No demand = No ¬†buyers = No sales = No Laptop Millionaire lifestyle for you…

It’s no good having a great idea for a fantastic new product or service if no-one wants to buy it or use it.

You need to do your market research. Fortunately, you can do most of this sitting at home in front of your laptop. The internet is the best place to start.

Search for your product or service on the internet, start with as it is the biggest source of information in the world today. See what results you get back.

  • Are other people selling the same sort of product or service?
  • What price points are they selling for?
  • How local is their service?
  • How usable are their websites?

If you cannot find anything that is remotely similar then either you have found the “Golden Egg”, or no-one wants that product or service. You decide on that one!

Either way, you will know what is on offer in your chosen market and know what your competition for sales on the internet really is and whether your product or service can compete in this market.

If you have a service that you can only provide to people in your local area then you will also need to search offline.

  • Check out your local newspapers for advertisements.
  • Go through the phone book.
  • Contact your local trade and business organisations.
  • Do the leg work and find out what your potential competition is offering.
  • Check their price points and their service options.

All these points will help you to decide whether your on-line marketing business will be able to compete in the market place and on the internet.

No Product or Service ideas of your own?

Maybe you have taken this fantastic decision to start your new internet marketing business but you do not have your own product or service to offer to people. How do you find out what people want to buy?

Here again your laptop comes to the rescue.

The best things to sell are the things that sell the most. This may seem a silly statement but it’s true.

You need to do some research to find out which products are most in demand. When you know which products are selling the best, then you have cracked the secret to that laptop millionaire lifestyle.

One of the best sources for this information is probably the biggest on-line retailer in the world – Amazon.

  • Go to and select any product category that interests you.
  • Click on the link for “Best Sellers”.

This will list the top 100 best selling products, updated hourly.

Some people will pay big money for this type of marketing research! But how hard does it need to be!!!

You now have all the information you need to establish which products people really do want to buy on the internet and exactly what price they are prepared to pay to buy those products from you. Your new internet business has just taken it’s first step to achieving that goal of living that Laptop Millionaire lifestyle.